Greening Club

​This introduces youngsters to a holistic approach of making positive change happen through a 30 week curriculum. Activities in townships include recycling, photography, animal and tree identification, bird watching, learning about conservation, climate change, team development, public speaking, debating, healthy living and much more.

Greening in my Community & Food Gardens

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Gaining knowledge about how to grow vegetable gardens and provide food for their community

  • Learning about future careers in horticulture and agriculture, as well as gaining skills for these future careers.

  • Learning responsibility and accepting ownership of being stewards of their community

Domestic Animals
  • Learning about safety around animals

  • Improved self-confidence, and public speaking

  • Learning about future careers involving animals, as well as learning skills for these possible careers.

  • Improved empathy (which has shown to reduce abuse in household situations, not only with animals)

Role Model
  • Improved attitude, respect and manners (often noticed by educators at schools)

  • Knowledge to make the right choices regarding substance abuse, and peer pressure

  • Knowledge about HIV/Aids, and prevention

  • Formulating goals for their future, and giving guidance about how to achieve these goals

  • Providing a safe place for participants to study and do homework.


  • Develop participant’s sports knowledge, abilities and skills.


  • Encourage girl child and community participation and teamwork.


  • Promote active and healthy living.


  • Develop and empower individuals in a supportive and positive way.


  • Introduce environmental education through sporting activities.


  • Develop a love for and interest in reading

  • Develop participant’s confidence levels through educational lessons

  • Develop participant’s presentation and public speaking skills

  • Provide further knowledge around themed books during lessons

  • Promote reading as a fun and cool activity

  • Create dialogues between the youth