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Join the Roots & Shoots SA family!

By becoming a member of Roots & Shoots South Africa, you can make a big impact in your community and the world around you! Below are all the ways you can help and get involved:

Start a Roots & Shoots group!

We've created a toolkit to show you all you need to know about creating your own Roots & Shoots group in your community! Access it here:

Interested in starting your own group? Click below to sign up!

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Become a Volunteer!


Join us by becoming a volunteer and working with Roots & Shoots South Africa in a way that you love best. Whether you're great working on-site with people, animals, or the environment, or rather prefer making an impact in a different way more remotely, you'll still be able to play your part with us!

Click the button below to sign up as a volunteer and scroll down to read more about the different ways you can make an impact!


But... What Can I Do?

Here are some ideas to inspire your first or next Roots & Shoots project!

For People

Take Action for World Peace Day


Dr. Jane Goodall, as the United Nations Messenger for Peace, started a worldwide campaign for 'September 21, World Peace Day'. She called on people of all ages, especially children and young people, to make a Dove of Peace puppet and to fly them for peace. Every year, people from all over the world make their symbolic doves and 'shape peace together'.

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Organise a Fundraising Event


You can donate the income of these events to one of the Jane Goodall Institute projects. For example, you can support Roots & Shoots groups, send them to one of the camps in Tanzania, or contribute to other projects.

Spread the Word About Roots & Shoots

Connect with your local  Roots & Shoots groups and projects and help share the good work they do with family, friends and social media to bring in more support for our projects and grow the Roots & Shoots South Africa family.

Be in Solidarity with Your Community

Start projects together with your family, friends or community members or support already existing projects through gathering donations relevant to those projects or assisting with them. Through supporting each other we will grow a better world together!


For Animals

Join in R&S Outings and Projects Focused on Animal Care and Citizen Science


Get to understand the animals in your area better and become familiar with their ecosystems. You can do this through volunteering at animal shelters as a R&S representative, creating a group which can meet up to go bird watching and other activities while studying the animals in your environment. You can also organise help for wildlife in your area, for example through making bird feeders or planting seed grasses and fruiting trees for shelter and food for the wildlife in your area.

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Plant Shrubs and Trees


Shrubs and trees are habitats and food sources for many wildlife creatures, such as birds and butterflies. By planting more of these plants we not only help the environment but provide shelter and a food source for many species in our ecosystems. 

Create New Living Spaces in Your School’s Garden! 


A flower corner, a stone wall, or a wetland can accommodate many species.

For the Environment

Organise Meet-ups for Cleanups


You can help organise a cleanup of your local park, school or roads as a R&S representative. Help establish recycling stations at work, school and home where you collect waste that can be recycled which can not only be recycled, but can be used in R&S projects such as the making of eco-bricks, collection of toilet paper rolls for projects, bottles and old clothes, old books and technology. This reduces pollution in our environments and allows us to use our trash in a positive way that does not harm the Earth.

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Our Environment, Our Responsibility 


Start campaigns and create solutions in your community about problems faced by the environment in your area. You can come up with ideas such as sorting garbage, saving energy, organizing ecological markets and fairs.


Get Upcycling!

Fashion waste is a huge factor affecting the environment, so instead of throwing away your old clothes rather use them in an upcycling project such as making a bag or carpet from your old clothing. Get creative and reduce clothing waste!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Download our FAQ's PDF below to answer some of your questions. If you would still like to ask us a question, email us at

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