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Local Projects


Greening Club

Introducing youth across South Africa to a holistic approach of making positive change happen through a 30 week curriculum. Activities in townships include recycling, photography, animal and tree identification, bird watching, conservation education, climate change, team development, public speaking and debate, healthy living and much more.

Greening My Community & Food Gardens

​Empowering and assisting young people to create sustainable food gardens in their communities. This project aims to provide the youth with a greater sense of self-confidence and responsibility in being a future leader of their community while gaining knowledge into growing food and leading a sustainable lifestyle. This project also aims to spark the interests of our youth about future careers in agriculture and horticulture while learning valuable skills necessary for this path. 


Animal Care & Education

​​Providing education and first-hand experience into the care of domestic animals and safety. This projects aims to allow children and young people to interact with domestic animals in a safe environment, while educating them on the importance of both domestic animal care as well as the need to take care of our natural wildlife and prevent them from extinction. 

Literacy Program

Equipping our youth with vital reading skills to increase confidence, presentation and communication skills, and a love for reading. Roots & Shoots South Africa furthers the mission for accessible reading for all youth through the creation of new libraries in communities where books and library facilities are limited. 

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Community Upliftment

Community upliftment programs through our environmentally focused SME business models such as eco-exchange stores.

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Our Clean World

Educating our youth about the importance of a clean and healthy environment through waste and pollution management projects. These projects include pollution reduction through the creation of eco-bricks, cleanup campaigns and more. 

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